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    2021, April

    Comics to Read for Earth Day
    Comics to Read for Earth Day 0

    Earth Day is one of my favorite holidays as it allows us to reflect on our impact on the world and how we can do more to protect it. Comics over the years have long had characters come to our planet's defense against super villains and extraterrestrials and so much more but from the impacts of humans themselves on the environment? Not quite as much. In this post I wanted to highlight some comic characters and arcs that are a must read for this holiday and every day to inspire us to be our best selves for the planet we live on! 

    Small Press Highlight
    Small Press Highlight 0

    In the comic book industry we always tend to talk about the big three: Marvel, DC and Image. In doing so we can sometimes overlook the other publishers and their vast array of titles. Now I’m not talking about something like IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Dark Horse’s Hellboy. When I talk about small press I think of titles that are completely overlooked, small press is such a huge genre of comics and there are so many great stories written and drawn by some amazing people that we prominently feature at our stores. Here are just a few that should definitely be on your bookshelf! 


    Go Go Godzilla!
    Go Go Godzilla! 0

    With Godzilla vs. Kong releasing this week, I think it is time to shed some light on the comics that may have been forgotten through Godzilla and Toho’s long running monster history. I went back through and read some of his greatest exploits with fresh eyes and hope it gives some insight on history’s greatest monster before he once again hits the big (and small, thanks HBO Max) screen! Here at Bedrock City we are huge kaiju fans and carry a huge array of comics and merchandise so come on in and share your thoughts on the film or peruse our shelves at any of our six Houston area locations!

    April Fools Day with Comics Greatest Pranksters
    April Fools Day with Comics Greatest Pranksters 0

    April Fool’s day is just around the corner (or rather past the corner when this is published) and I think there is something to be said for the tricksters in comic book history. Many of our greatest heroes wouldn’t be who they are without their lackadaisical (though mostly homicidal) foes and while many are inherently malicious, some of those characters are no more than mischievous and continue to stand that test of time. As we affectionately refer to comics as funny books here at BRC, there is no better day to celebrate these iconic characters than today so come on by and pick some up at any of our six Houston locations!