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    Free Comic Book Day: What to Know!

    Free Comic Book Day: What to Know!

    This Saturday is one of pop culture fans favorite days of the year, returning triumphantly at last: Free Comic Book Day! Free Comic Book Day has always taken place the first Saturday of May every year but due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it was forgone entirely last year and postponed to August 14 of this year. We are beyond excited to bring back this beloved day especially for its 20th anniversary event to customers and we will be in full force at all six of our Houston area locations! Free Comic Book Day is a day for newcomers and longtime readers alike and I wanted to take the time in this blog to talk about the history of this event and what to expect for first timers and those returning to the stores for this event this weekend. We can’t wait to see you soon!


    FCBD was initially pitched as an idea in 2001 and has been a comic store holiday staple since. It was initially pitched by a founder of the convention WonderCon, in a way to create exposure for current and upcoming books and comic book based films and introduce comics and graphic novels to new readers; aka a way to make comics more accessible to everyone. The idea gained a lot of traction and the motion was made to have the first FCBD coincide with the blockbuster first Spider-Man film in 2002, with giveaway titles like Ultimate Spider-Man #1, Tomb Raider, Star Wars, Justice League and more. It was a smash hit and as the years have gone on, more and more publishers have collaborated to bring these specially printed books for this day and comic book stores all over the world participate to bring books out into their communities. We at Bedrock City have always made it a big to do, encouraging cosplayers and photo ops, autograph signings, raffles and more over the years and we are beyond pleased to be able to continue to provide these events we have been known for since FCBD’s inception.


    What to know:

    We will be open our normal hours from 10am-7pm and be sure to arrive early to get the best picks of what you want to take with you. The titles I’m most excited for are the Star Wars High Republic titles but there will be a huge number of other titles to choose from such as Avengers, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Boys, Blade Runner, Archie and more! There is a large variety of titles for all ages so every kind of reader will find a book they love. There is usually a steadily moving line throughout the day that can stream out of the store and this heat is no joke, be sure to stay hydrated and social distance where possible! Masks are still encouraged at our stores and we do have plenty of hand sanitation areas available in store and free masks if you feel that you need one. In most years past, customers can select up to five comics to take home and be sure to follow the direction of the line and adhere to directions given by staff, and if you need a recommendation  or have any questions at all don’t hesitate to ask! The books that are for free will be labeled clearly, typically displayed on our glass counters in store. We will be having multiple creators at different stores doing signings and sketches so be sure to check our social media for said guests and at which locations they will be appearing. We definitely encourage cosplay and showing how much you love this comic event and most important of all be sure to have fun! Beyond having free books that day, we are still Houston’s destination for all this pop culture and after you get your FCBD books be sure to stay and browse and enjoy the day!


    We are so beyond thrilled to be able to bring this event back to our customers, be sure to bring the family and friends who may have never had a chance to attend or those returning after a long absence and again, we can’t wait to see you this Saturday!


    Written by Bedrock City Contributor: Victoria Flood


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