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    Nexus: Unsung Hero

    Nexus: Unsung Hero

    If you know me well, you know that one of my favorite comic book characters of all time is also known as “the greatest hero never heard of,” Booster Gold. But I think another great comic book character more deserves that title, is that of the Capital Comics then Dark Horse unsung comic titan, Nexus. Nexus is the vigilante name of the conflicted but all-powerful Horatio Hellpop. The story of Nexus is one of vengeance and trying to find an inner peace in a galaxy devastated by war. The titular character has an unfathomable power, he sees the crimes of dictators and other evil doers in his dreams and carries out that justice, regardless of if the perpetrator has changed. He is cursed by mind splitting headaches and visions and the only reprieve is to pursue that blind justice across the galaxy until justice is delivered. He is a character that echoes the trials of other more famous heroes of other companies but his story still manages to remain wholly unique. He occupies the planet Ylum and houses the refugees of those who have reigned terror but he is a solitary character, who is cursed with this power and his loneliness because of his father’s own history of galactic dictatorship and his guilt about his mother’s death. It is a gorgeously drawn book by master Toth-esque artist Steve Rude and written by Mike Baron, calling to the likes of Space Ghost and Jonny Quest and it is a story of love and trying to find peace in a galaxy full of chaos. There are spies, war, romance, betrayal, laughs, and so much heart in this book it breaks my own heart that it doesn’t get the recognition it so desperately deserves. This series ran through the early eighties to late nineties and I implore you to pick up the archive editions or dig through a back-issue bin and you will not be disappointed.

    You may be wondering why I’m spotlighting such a long-lost character and the reason is that I hope I can introduce someone to this book in the way it was introduced to me. If you are a longtime shopper at the Clear Lake location, you probably remember a tall and chipper suspenders wearing man who was always fiddling in the back issue bins. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of all things golden and silver age; he could tell you everything that happened in any single Amazing Spider-Man comic just by giving him the issue number! His name was Scott Williams and he was our beloved mentor and friend. It’s been five years this week since his passing and this year would have been his 50th birthday, so I wanted to introduce you all to one of the best stories I’ve ever read that he introduced me too when I was at a low point in my life. In these times I wish I could ask for his guidance but I have these comics to go through and still hear his voice. Comics are a gateway to so many emotions and memories that help connect us when we’re apart. During these uncertain times, we could all use a comforting read, or one like this to take us to another world. Thank you Scott, and hail great Nexus!

    Other Scott must reads: Badger, Justice League International, Booster Gold, Sandman


    Written by Bedrock City Contributor: Victoria Flood

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